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Chemistry Tips SPM 2010

Paper 2
Structured Questions
Q1. Glass, Haber Process, Prepare Soap ad Detergent
Q2. Atoms, Isotopes, Electrons, Group 1 + Water
Q3(I). Electrolysis Concentration, Voltaic Cell with Half Equations
Q3(II) Neutralisation, calculation + pH with different solvent
Q4. Insoluble Salt, Zinc Carbonate (Heating and Producing), apparatus
Q5. Redox – Displacement of halides, Testing of Br2,I2,Cl2, U-tube
Q6(I). Carbon Compound-esterification, dehydration,
Q6(II) … More updates soon???

Q7(I). Build ECS, Concentration of Solution
Q7(II) Percentage of Composition, Experiment Empirical Formula, Compare and Calculate
Q8. Heat of Combustion, lab Experiment, Calculations
Q9. Dilution, Lab experiment, calculations
Q10. Rate of Reaction, Sodium thioshulpate with HCL or H2O2, Collision Theory, Compare

Paper 3
Q1. Group 1 + oxygen gas, reactivity
Q2 (I) Rusting of iron in contact with other metals
Q2 (II) Rate of reaction (Temperature or TSA)


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